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Hello 您好

Thanks for your interest in the Aquatic Education AUSTSWIM courses run in China. Below is some important information for your upcoming course. 感谢您对AEC澳际水育AUSTSWIM中国区课程培训的支持,以下为课程相关信息,请仔细阅读。

Important Course Details 重要课程信息

You should bring the following: 参加课程请携带以下物品

  • ID (passport/身份证)

  • Swimming outfit & towel 泳衣 & 毛巾

  • Pen & notebook 笔 & 本

  • Water Bottle 水杯

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety™ (TSW)


Use your passion for swimming and water safety to start a career that makes a difference to our communities. An AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety has an influential role that engages and interacts with students (4 years – adults) leading skills and drills that provide knowledge, skill and understanding in water safety and swimming in pools and confined natural shallow water venues.  

The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water has both Vocational Education and Training requirements and non-accredited training requirements which have been designed and set by AUSTSWIM. 

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Accreditation is valid for three years. 



Pre-requisites 报名要求


  • You may enrol in an AUSTSWIM course at 16 years of age but are not eligible to receive the AUSTSWIM accreditation until they are 17 years of age. 

  • You are required to have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability to perform the required aquatic skills.  

  • You are required to have access to a computer and the internet to access the online modules outside of face to face training.  

  • 澳大利亚境外教学的参训人员需要:

  • 年满16周岁即可报名,年满17岁即可获得资格证书;

  • 具备一定的游泳基础,健康状况良好;

  • 具备踩水和实施基本救援的技能(培训期间涉及部分水中救援内容)


Course Delivery 课程简介

This interactive course is delivered in a blended format. 

It requires attendance at a face to face training session over two full days. It also requires the completion of an online interactive component. Candidates are also required to complete supervised industry training in a swim teaching environment with a range of teaching conditions. 

The course consists of theory and practical components:

1.  Theory component - topics may be offered through classroom attendance or selected topics via AUSTSWIM’s e-learning centre.

2.  Practical component - involves swimming activities that may be carried out in shallow or deep water. (50m Freestyle, 50m backstroke/survival backstroke, submerge to 1m depth)

Candidates have 12 months to complete their training for all AUSTSWIM courses unless otherwise stated. This means the completion and submission of all assessments within 12 months of commencing.


1. 理论部分-所有两天内课堂上教授的板块内容需要全程参与;课后完成AUSTSWIM官方网站上的理论测试部分;

2. 实操部分-基础游泳技能展示,包括50米正面泳姿(自蛙蝶可选)+50米仰面泳姿(仰反蛙可选)+1分钟持续踩水。


Course Content 课程内容

Topics include: 

1.    Introduction - an overview of AUSTSWIM and the aquatic industry

2.    Plan, deliver and review a lesson 

3.    How people learn

4.    Being an effective teacher

5.    Principles of movement in water

6.    Aquatic safety, survival and rescue skills

7.    Water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility

8.    Teaching safer diving skills

9.    Towards efficient stroke development


1. 基本介绍——AUSTSWIM和水中教育行业

2. 教学课堂设计、开展和课后评估

3. 不同的学习方式

4. 如何做一名高效的游泳老师

5. 水中运动的基本原理

6. 水中安全、求生和救援技能

7. 适水活动、漂浮和水中推进

8. 安全潜水教学

9. 六大泳姿发展教学

To get your AUSTSWIM accreditation, the following additional requirements need to be submitted; 

  • Complete the Teacher Declaration by agreeing to abide by the AUSTSWIM Code of Conduct. 

  • Complete a brief online course evaluation 

  • Provide evidence of holding a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) statement of attainment. For further information on CPR requirements please click here

  • Submit an endorsed photo for AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence.

  • 课程评估:

  • 评估内容基于以上9点要求,AUSTSWIM培训官和评估员根据学员对课程知识的理解、技巧的熟练程度、培训期间及课后相关任务的完成情况,对学员进行综合评估。

  • 其他要求:

  • 同意遵守 AUSTSWIM 行为准则及教师声明

  • 完成AUSTSWIM线上课程答题评估TSW部分

  • 提供有效的心肺复苏 (CPR)证书,国际课程可在培训期间完成课程所要求的CPR部分(注意:不等同于本国相关医疗专业CPR证书)

  • 参训学员需提交个人电子版证件照供证书使用

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